In-Kennel Training

This is our most popular and convenient program. In-Kennel Dog Training Programs offer our busy clientele the best training results in the shortestamount of time. Your dog is boarded and trained daily at our country facility for 6 weeks. Many consider our In-Kennel Dog Training Program a “K-9 BOOT CAMP” for dogs and puppies.

In Kennel TrainingUtilizing our motivational training techniques we create dramatic and lasting change in the behavior of our clients’ dogs. Through our many years of training and research we have developed several methods of training that allow us to cause real results with all dogs. Our Specialty is rehabilitating the behavioral problems that most trainers are unable or unwilling to take on. Our professional staff welcomes the challenge.

Don’t live in our area? No problem. As of October 1, 2011 we have trained and sold dogs in 47 states and five countries (click here for a list). We will gladly assist you with shipping arrangements for your dog from any location. We can even send one of our staff trainers to your home upon completion for a few days of training. WE ARE HERE TO MEET YOUR NEEDS.

The following is a description of our In-Kennel Dog Training Program. Please contact Chris Byrne at 860-491-2202 anytime so we can explain our program in detail and answer all your questions.

In-Kennel Training Program

In Kennel Training

Attention: Our attention getting exercise teaches each dog their name and to look directly at you each time they hear it. This lays the foundation for everything else you will ever request of your dog. If your dog is paying attention you can get him/her to perform anything within their ability.

Leash Manners: This teaches dogs to work properly and confidently on a leash. Preventing unwanted pulling and jerking is often a concern of many dog owners. Teaching dogs not to jump on to people is also covered during this training phase.

Sit/Sit Stay: Dogs are trained to sit quickly on the first command and will stay sitting until released or asked to perform another task.

Down/Down Stay: Dogs are trained to lie down quickly on the first command and will stay down until released or asked to perform another task.

Come: The dog will come and sit directly in front of the handler when given the command to do so. The dog will stay sitting until released or asked to perform another task.

Heel: The dog will walk on the left side of the handler and turn or change pace as needed. The dog will sit when the handler stops.

Release: Everything that has a beginning must have an end. That is why each dog is trained to the “FREE” or release command. When the dog has completed an exercise he/she is given the release and may move around at will, providingthey do not pull or jerk on the leash.

Climb: This exercise teaches the dog to climb onto any object and remainthere until released. If you are visiting the Veterinarian, the groomer or simply taking a ride in the car, you ask your dog to climb onto the seat or the table. They will remain there until released.

Place: The dog is trained to go to a crate or mat and remain there until released. This is very helpful when someone unexpectedly arrives at your door. Simplypoint to the mat and tell your dog PLACE. Going on a picnic? Take your dogs’ mat and enjoy the day “with” your dog, not searching for him.

Each command is trained in a controlled environment until the dog clearly understands what is expected of them. Then, we gradually introduce environmental distractions to ensure they will perform in the presences of people, traffic, other dogs and the like. Finally, we proof the dogs with resistance training. This teaches the dog that when given a command they must follow the command even when pressure or distractions is applied.

Our 6 week program is for off-leash training, behavior modification and includes: 6 private lessons at our facility (3 during training and 3 when training is completed or 3 days of training for our long distance clients) at the end of the program. Please note that clients requesting at home training are subject to additional training fees and travel expenses.

In Kennel Training

Resident Training Program

This 4 week program is available for ON-LEASH TRAINING ONLY and includes: Attention, Leash manners, Sit/sit stay, Down/down stay, Come, Heel on leash and the release. Additionally, 4 private lessons at our facility (2 during training, 2 when training is completed or 2 days of training for our long distance clients at the end of the program) are included in our price. Please note that clients requesting at home training are subject to additional training fees and travel expenses. The 4 week program is not for dogs with behavioral problems or if you desire off-leash training.

Requirements: All Dogs must be at least 8 weeks of age and in good health. Current Veterinary records must accompany all dogs and include a rabies certificate

Board and Train Program

This is a short-term program for clients that wish to have specific training done and is charged at a rate of $125 per calendar day.Because short term training does not follow the principles of conditioning as in our long-term programs, we can offer no guarantee for this program.

In Kennel TrainingRe-Train and Boarding
Dogs that have completed our 6 week In-Kennel Training Program or 4 weekResident Training Program are entitled to a special rate of $65 per calendar day for short term Board and Train.

Note: Previously we required that all puppies must be a minimum of 4 months of age before beginning our In-Kennel Dog Training Programs. After 25 years of this program we have had several past clients that requested we take their 8 week old puppies for training and housebreaking before they even took them home. I reluctantly agreed and the end results were remarkable. Because we can imprint these puppies at a very early age and can influence the early development stages of life, we even surprised ourselves with the dramatic results. To learn more about starting your puppy off right, please contact Chris at 860-491-2202.

What to bring: We will provide everything your dog needs to stay comfortable and well fed during their stay. You may bring food from home or we will provide a professional diet dog food. Should you request your dog receive food supplements or medication during their time with us we will gladly comply with those needs. We recommend you put your dog on a Flea and Tick program as wewill be taking your dog on hikes and field trips in the last stages of training. We do not recommend you bring bedding or toys as these will be provided. When dropping off your dog do not leave your leashes, collars, bowls, toys or any other items. We cannot be responsible for any items left at thekennel.

Separation anxiety: No not your dog, but you. Many clients are concernedthat their dogs will not remember them or will become overwhelmed by home sickness. This is never the case. Children often spend more waking hours with teachers then with their parents yet they never forget where home is. During training the dogs are well cared for, very active and enjoy the training experience. After all, every breed of dog that exists today has been selectively bred because they served a purpose in the service of man. They all had jobs. Today dogs that are not trained develop behavior problems. The reason is most often because they need some form of discipline, education, and purpose in life. Obedience replaces that feeling with a feeling of self-value and purpose. As for you, rather then dwell on how much you will miss your beloved companion for a few short weeks, consider the years of pleasure you and your dog will gain through professional obedience training. There are few things in this world as impressive as a well trained dog working in harmony with their owner.

Guarantee: We guarantee that your dog will understand and perform the exercises outlined in the program you chose. If for any reason the dog does not understand or remember the exercises taught to them, we will work with you and your dog to fix the problem with no additional training fees.  That said, we have never had a dog come back for lack of training.  However, we do have clients that have forgotten something we taught them or stopped working with their dog  and find themselves in need of a little refresher.  We are happy to do that.

Reservations: Due to the nature of this very personalized service we offer a limited number of In-Kennel Dog Training Programs each month. We generally have a minimum 2-4 week waiting list for a spot in our  In-Kennel Dog Training Programs so please book early. If you are dealing with a serious behavioral issue we can usually get you in right away.

You must first contact our office by phone or email to determine availability and we can give you a start date. Because of limited space we will not reserve a training spot until we have received your deposit.

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