Chris & Dan,

Certified canine therapy dog

Here is a picture of Delta discussing the ambiguities of the Palm Beach county leash laws this past winter. The officer has noted that Delta is the best trained/best behaved dog in the area and have exempted him from the hard leash requirement during our winter sojourns. Additionally he certified as a Canine Therapy dog and made weekly visits to a local assisted living facility where he was much appreciated. It has been almost 4 years now and he is worth every penny of his cost – we couldn’t be happier.

Doug and Kathy Weier
West Cornwall, CT

Dear Chris and Dan,

I just thought I would write since it is getting on to a year since I graduated from Stonehill Prep School. I can hardly believe the surroundings I have now compared to how I started my life. You know, I have had an amazing round of good luck.

I was picked up on the streets of Cincinnati, OH where I had be living (I forget for how long). You could count every rib on my body and I had 5 different kinds of worms including Heart Worms. They were going to kill me at the shelter when someone called Bullmastiff rescue thinking I was a Bullmastiff. My first run of good luck, actually I am a DNA certified Boxtiff. 50% Boxer 50% Mastiff.

They sent me off to a Vet in Cleveland who was so kind and cured me of heartworm. You know very few dogs survive the level of worms I had. From there I went to a nice rescue lady in Buffalo, NY. They put me on the Bullmastiff rescue site with my story and great people sent me lots of stuff.

This is where the great story begins. Carol and Bob had lost their rescued Bullmastiff Luckie Girl in July and they were both looking at me on the rescue website at the same time. They came all the way to Buffalo for a look see and they decided to take me.
This is where the trouble begins. I was really screwed up. I never had a pack that I can remember and was really confused. They took me to a great big home in NH and tried to treat train me. I never had so many treats thrown at me. I growled on occasion at Carol when she would get between me and Bob. I would go crazy when I would see another dog and rush the door when guests arrived and even snapped at a little kid on our boat.

Bob and Carol took me to Pittsburgh for Christmas and I almost got shot by a man who was walking his Standard Poodle when I started a fight. You see I’m as strong and fast as I look and was difficult to control. Carol had been told by our first trainer to put me down. Man that was close!!

Once again, while in Pittsburgh, Carol and Bob were looking at the same website (Stonehill Kennel) and decided to give them a try. They dropped me of in early January. Chris, Dan and everyone at the kennel were really nice and I tried to behave.

Here is the key; Dan did not let me get away with anything. I even jumped bad on Dan in front of Carol and Bob when they came for their interim visit. Dan did not hurt me but I quickly gave up.

Well, fast forward to December 2009. I’m heart worm free and live on 2 and ½ acres on a lake in NH. I am totally trained except if a dog I do not know charges me. Bob and Carol are really fun and train me for 5 to 10 minutes a everyday (did it for 30 min. a day when we first got home) and make me work for everything. Carol calls me “up Bob’s butt dog” because I love to run along Bob’s big tractor and ride in his old pickup. Carol and I are doing great since I started respecting her as a pack leader and I no longer am confused by my position in the pack.

Well that is my story, got to go now because Bob is going out to do some tractor stuff and I have to patrol be squirrels and chipmunks. In closing I would say that of all the great things that happened to me having dedicated owners who would not kick me to the curb and meeting Chris and Dan at Stone Hill were the 2 greatest of all the wonderful things that happened to me.

So if someone is thinking of a prep school, look no further.

Lots of licks

October 10, 2008

Hello Chris and Stonehill staff,

Obedience trained family petJust writing to let you know how much we enjoy our “new” Baxter and how well he understands his commands. We’ve been practicing with him every day and it’s loads of fun!!

He is much more relaxed and pays attention to us when we call his name. Corina is walking him about one hour every evening and when she comes home all I hear is how well behaved he was.

I started my morning jogging sessions with him once again, and I have to say “zero pull on the leash!!” The other day another dog started barking at him, all I did was put Baxter in a down and he obeyed nicely and ignored the other dog. I was proud of him!

All in all, we love the work you did, thank you so much and special thanks to Danny (he is a true pro-trainer). We’ll keep in touch!

Best regards,

Adrian, Corina & Patricia Bulacu
Kitchener, Ontario

June 21, 2007

Dear Chris and Dan,

Obedience trained airedale terriersI truly feel like royalty when I am walking my wonderfully behaved dogs!! Thank you both so much!!!

I never thought I would see the day when I would look forward to walking my two Airedale Terriers (Cassidy and Morgan) together!! Before training they were aggressive towards every other dog we would encounter. Now, I can take them anywhere and not worry. I am enjoying them so! I am working hard with them and we are all looking forward to coming to our follow-up lesson.

We definitely catch everyone’s eye as we walk along on the street and at the park. I am so very proud of them and the unbelievably awesome job you did with them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I would be more than happy to speak to anyone and everyone on your behalf. Just let me know.

Gratefully yours,

Bruce and Terry Barnhard
New Jersey

Via Email

January 14, 2007
Dear Chris and John,

When I first decided that Jeter, my 1 and a half year old Pitbull, needed training I searched all over the internet. I hired a trainer to come to the house once a week and go over commands to help train my dog. After a few sessions this was not successful due to the amount of time I personally had to put into the training. I came to the conclusion that if my dog was going to be trained the way I needed him to, then I was going to have to find a trainer that would take Jeter and train him themselves. When I came across Stonehill Kennel I was so excited that I finally found a place that would train my dog without me being involved on a daily basis. I went to visit Jeter after only three weeks of training and did not expect too much. The results I saw were astronomical. Jeter was sitting, climbing and laying with a single command. The best part was the other dogs around him didn’t even seem to phase him. Seeing my normally aggressive Pitbull in such command and control almost brought tears to my eyes. When the program was finished Jeter was 100% trained. We now have no problems with his behavior as he is great in the house. To make a long story short, you guys did a fantastic job on Jeter. Not only will I recommend Stonehill Kennel to anyone who needs their dog trained, but I will bring my future dogs to you guys everytime. Thanks again for all your help and I will see both down the road.


Ryan Bliss
Long Island NY

Via Email

6 November, 2006

It’s been several months since I’ve come home with Bandit. Two of the most important instructions you gave me when I left was consistency and practice. I now believe that your training of the “people” partner is more important than the K9 counterpart. As you told me in my last visit….

As you well know, my Jack Russell thinks she’s smarter than any human. With your training, of Bandit and me, we have become a formidable team. We work well together. She listens to my commands, and aims to please me. Of course, she tests me, that is what she is bred to do. What has surprised me the most is that we communicate with each other, and have such a stronger relationship. We play well together!

Your training efforts, with her, have been remarkable. We hike regularly, and I can let her run, and enjoy herself, with no thought that she will not listen to my command. She has learned to respect me, (very important) and understand that she has her rules, that she has to follow without question. (but she tries, and keeps me laughing all the time!) She has learned her ‘place’ is very important and I can put her there for long periods of time.

Thank you for making me understand the importance of a lifetime commitment with our pet. Your style and approach to behavior training and teaching us how to handle your work was easy, relaxed and thoroughly professional.

We shall return to brush up on our work, as time permits.

Best Regards,

Geralyn Smariga
Hopkinton, New Hampshire

Via Email

Sunday May 21, 2006

Stonehill Kennel L.L.C.
345 Sharon Turnpike
Goshen CT 06756

Dear Chris (& John)

I have had my dogs home for about a month and a half, and the difference is AMAZING. My husband and I no longer fight (not about Daisy and Charlee anyway), I’m sleeping in my bed, instead of on the couch, and Charlee’s aggression towards Pita has all but disappeared.

When I called you way back in February, I was in a panic I really thought I was going to have to find a new home for Charlee. I wasn’t sure if your program was going to work, and honestly I didn’t care I was just glad I would have 6 weeks to think about what to do with Charlee. Thankfully it did work and now we are all one big happy family.

Having my dogs go through your program was actually life altering. I am NEVER going to have 7 dogs at once again, but thanks to you and John, I have a workable (almost pleasant) situation.

John was great and very insightful, working with him for 3 days really gave us a grasp on dog handling. Thank you again for all of your help! Please feel free to give my number to anyone that needs more information before making their decision.


Deanna Conner
McClure, Pa.

The owner came to us with the following complaints before training:

Daisy 2 ½ year old Blood Hound came with the following issues; Jumps, Fearful of people, Chases cars, Bikes and people, Runs away, Won’t come, Possessive with food, Chews, Dog aggressive, and Eats stools.

Charlee 2 year old Pit Bull mix came with the following issues; Jumps, Chases cars, Bikes and people, Runs away, Won’t come, Possessive with food and toys, Chews, Dog aggressive, and Eats stools.

May 3, 2006

Chris Byrne
Dogs unlimited LLC
Stonehill Kennel
Goshen, CT

Dear Chris,

We can not begin to tell you how pleased we are with the training you provided Nokia, our GSD youngster back in March. Six weeks passed like lightening, every time we came up for the private lesson, Nokia seemed to make tremendous progress. At first, I must admit, we were apprehensive, we were not sure what to expect. Nokia was young, total unruly and misbehaving in the house and yard.

In 6 weeks, you have magically turned her into a well behaved, obedient dog. We are, of course, continuing to work with her, discipline her and always showing her who the boss really is. When she came back, as advertised, she heeled magnificently, Sit, Down, Sit from a Down position, no problem. The Place command was very important to us since we have many visitors at all times of the day and night; she mastered that with no effort. Climb, another important command, no problem, she climbs onto whatever you point at. Come and staying after Place, also very good.

In all, we are more then satisfied, it was well worth the money and we hope to bring her back in the future for more advanced training.

Thanks again for all your efforts, for making Nokia feel at home and comfortable, she always seemed so happy when we came up and had no problem when we left (unlike our kids at camp).

Best regards,

Gadi and Ilene Rosenfeld
Woodmere, NY

PS. One more thing, John Smithhart, her trainer was outstanding. You could not find a more competent and caring trainer. He treated her with love and care and she responded in kind. When we came to take her home it was hard to separate those two.

August 19, 2004

Dear Chris,

When you sat in our dining room about 3 months ago and told us that you expect to meet and exceed our expectations, we have to admit, we had our doubts. After all, we felt we had exhausted our options on training Oakley with puppy kindergarten, beginners and intermediate obedience class and even private lessons.

Well, you most definitely met and surpassed our expectations! We are so happy with the results that you and Nate provided. Each week that we came up to train, we were increasingly surprised with Oakley’s performance. When Nate told us that by the end, Oakley would be able to be off leash and not “take off” on us, we once again had our suspicions. It’s just unbelievable, but we can now be outside with Oakley and not be as concerned of him running away from us. With continued training by Francie and I, we surely feel he will only get better.

Chris, Nate really is a fine trainer. Just watching him work with Oakley each week was fascinating. He’s a technician and perfectionist, just the type of person we wanted to work with Oakley. He’s not only an excellent trainer of dogs, but equally as good with people. Just an outstanding young man.

Oakley has made a nice transition to coming home. His sits, down stays, heels are real nice. His place is good, but can be better with just a little more practice. But that’s Oakley. We have yet to work on the climb command, not needing it as of yet, but we still feel it’s worth while for him to know. Like you said, he’s got his quirks, but he has done a complete 180 in his behavior and obedience. All we can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.

Being with Oakley is so much more pleasurable now. Just the other day, Francie had her friends and their children over for lunch. She put Oakley in a down stay in the kitchen while they all ate just a few feet away. As the children were dropping food on the floor, Oakley didn’t move an inch. In the past, he would have been all over the food, bothering each person at the table for something to eat. Francie said that she hardly knew that he was there. Unbelievable stuff!

We are excited to work with Oakley now, on and off leash, and look forward to continued progression from him.

If it’s alright with you, we will keep you and Nate posted on his training. Thank you and thank you to Nate again for your time and patience. You have made a great impact in our lives and the lives of our children.

Yours Truly,
Brian and Francie Kimmelman
Huntington, N.Y.

Justin Rigney and Hartzal, his trusted canine companion and personal protection dog
Green Beret Commander Col. James “BO” Gritz famous for his POW rescue missions to South East Asia, his radio show and a frequent guest of CNN poses with Justin Rigney and Hartzal his trusted k-9 companion and personal protection dog trained by Dogs Unlimited.

To learn more about Col. Gritz’s heroic career and patriotic life adventures click the following link: http://www.bogritz.com/biography.htm.

Testimonials letter

May 1, 1995

Budget Rent A Car of Westchester

Dear Chris,

Dogs Unlimited has been servicing our facility from nearly four years now. I must tell you that we have been very satisfied with our business relationship and the high quality of service we have received. Your staff (and your dogs) have reduced our break-ins to zero and allowed us to save 60% of our security budget.

Very Truly Yours,

Joyce Stevens (Secty/treasurer)

September 5, 1995

Owl Security and Investigation Services Inc.

Dear Mr. Byrne,

As you know we were in constant contact with the FBI, NYPD and New York Division of State Police during our latest project utilizing your Bomb Detection Services. Without exception, both my managers and myself received positive feedback from all three of these Law Enforcement Agencies. You have obviously made a very strong impression this highly respected group of professionals.

Sir it is a tribute to you and your staff of Explosives / Narcotics Detection Teams on the outstanding job you have done for us at trade shows, clients facilities and “special projects”. Should you ever require a reference for your specialized services please do not hesitate to use Owl Security or myself as a contact.

Realizing the recognition you have received from the Law Enforcement Community and the dedication you and your staff put forth, I can only say it is a true pleasure to work along side the fellow professionals of Dogs Unlimited L.L.C.


James E. Rice (Executive Vice President)

January 9, 1992

World Wrestling Federation / Titan Sports

Dear Mr. Byrne

Thank you for the excellent service we have been receiving from you and your staff. During live performances and television shoots many things must come together to make things happen. As you know this does not always occur.

During the past 3 years we have received flawless service and performance from your self, your staff and especially your dogs. Any time we work with animals we expect problems. The audiences appreciation of the animals makes it worth the trouble. They are hugely popular.

Your ability to communicate with your dogs amazes our staff. The service we receive when we make a “short notice request amazes me. We are grateful for your service and look forward to continuing our business relationship. Please keep in mind that we will soon be looking to replace Matilda with a younger Bulldog. Keep up the good work.


Terry Garvin (Vice President of Wrestling Operations.)

January 17, 1992

National Car Rental

Dear Mr. Byrne,

Your staff has proven themselves professional and reliable. As you know the keen eye of one of your employees prevented what could have been a serious problem. The services of Dogs Unlimited L.L.C. has allowed me to effectively protect the assets of this company without the hassle or expense of setting up security systems or managing guards.

I consider employing your services one of the best business decisions I made in 1991.


J. A. Fico (City Manager)

June 8, 1994

Dear Chris,

On behalf of my wife and I, I would like to thank you for the superb work you have done with our dog, Nikka. We were told by our breeder where we purchased our dog, that due to the size and temperament of the Akita breed, we as owners needed to find a trainer that is thoroughly familiar with the correct and successful methods of training and has the ability to communicate with dogs. We know that we have found these qualities in you.

Our friends and family cannot believe the dramatic change in our dog. She now responds to our commands and is eager to please us.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for being so flexible in providing training that enable me to work around my job schedule with the police department.


Joseph Parisi (Stamford Police Department)

August 20,1998

Dear Chris & Mike

Thank you so much for all the work that you put into Ripper and for all the help you gave me. I was at the leashes end until I called you. Thanks for sticking with us and finding the right tools to use with him I think he knows that I am the boss now. Well at least I think I am, so he will know it soon.

I cant thank you enough for the extra time you gave us. It is becoming a pleasure to take walks with Ripper now. Where as before if was a nightmare. It also is such a pleasure to come to your kennel and know that he is happy and excited to see you and be well behaved. You run a wonderful business. It is always fun to see your children and how they interact with the animals.

Thank you,

Heidi and Ripper (Schoolteacher and her best friend)

September 29,1997

Lauderdale County Sheriffs Department

Mr. Byrne

I am writing to you in regards to 2 Patrol dogs that this department recently purchased from your establishment. I am happy to report that my deputies are extremely happy with animals you have supplied. I understand that you were a deputy in your home county in Connecticut. You obviously have a great understanding of the needs of a patrol officer in the utilization of dogs.

I had an opportunity to witness a demonstration of the patrol dogs abilities today and everyone in attendance was very pleased. We very much appreciate your expert services in selecting and training these fine animals for the people of this county.


Billy Townsend (Sheriff Lauderdale County Florence, Alabama)

June 24, 1997

First Security Services Corporation

To whom it may concern,

The staff at Dogs Unlimited L.L.C. has been training and certifying Security K-9 Dogs and Handlers since 1991. During this time we have purchased several Security Patrol Dogs from Dogs Unlimited. We accredit our excellent safety record to the training and attention to details Chris Byrne and his staff put into every area of their expertise.

While managing a staff of nearly 100 security personnel it is nice to know that our K-9 division is trained and certified by people who know and understand the security industry. From past experience, I can say that Dogs Unlimited is an excellent source for K-9 service, training and dogs.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.

Jon Dacko (Security Manager, First Security Services Corporation at Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center)