Reference Sites

Reference Sites

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General reference

Central Intelligence Agency World Factbook
U. S. Government Official Web Portal
From “The Wilderness” is news you won’t find elsewhere. Followed by congress and universities around the world
Library Spot is the resource for resources
Bates Information is a private researcher
Find people by phone number, name or reverse look up
Time and Location services
US Naval Observatory Master Clock Time
Connecticut news and weather
Find your Connecticut Representative

Dog Reference

The American Kennel Club

United Schutzhund Clubs of America

The American Working Dog Federation

B. F. Skinner Foundation Behavioral Sciences

Dr. P’s Dog training page -a great resource

German Shepherd Dog Club of America- Working Dog Association
Pedigree Database German Shepherd Dog Page
Dog training and behavior advice
Canine Detection Research Institute at Auburn University
Canine Legal Update with Terry Fleck
The OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
Penn Hip
Info on Pet Friendly Travel Hotels etc
Prong Collar information
Military Working Dog Program