Cory Becker

Cory pupsCory Becker

Associate Trainer
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Cory has been with Stonehill Kennel for over seven years now. Starting out as part of our Kennel Staff, Cory has an intimate knowledge of all aspects of proper handling, care, feeding, preventive medicine and grooming. As Cory’s passion for working with dogs grew, we moved him onto our training staff and put him through our Professional Dog Trainer course here at Stonehill Kennel. Since 2012 Cory has been training dogs full-time and has proven himself to be a top rate dog trainer. Cory communicates well with our clients by keeping them inform of their dogs progress and has an easy going way to instruct owners on proper care and handling techniques that will keep their dog working happy and willing for life.

Resolving many behavioral issues with difficult dogs and encouraging shy and fearful dogs to come out of their shells to live a happier more relaxed existence is a strong point in Cory’s skills. Cory is currently studying and training to work with our Personal protection and police service dogs.

Cory is engaged to be married in June of 2015 and lives with his two Chihuahuas Nolo and Pipa.