Stonehill Kennel L.L.C. has been professionally training dogs since 1988. During this time we have distinguished ourselves as the premier dog training facility in the US training over 150 different breeds from 47 States and 5 countries in the past 5 years alone. We have provided Trained Dogs for television shows, print advertising, television advertising and consulted on feature motion pictures. Our dogs have appeared in nearly a dozen music videos as well.

As Professional Dog Trainers, we have Trained and Sold Dogs to law enforcement, and the US Department of Defense, Military Working Dog Program. As Certified Dog Trainers, we have Trained and supplied certified Explosive Detection Dogs and handlers to the Empire State Building, Federal Plaza, and the Mexican State Department in Mexico City, Mexico and many others.

Following the events of September 11, 2001 Chris Byrne, founder of Stonehill Kennel LLC was appointed as the Director of K-9 Bomb Detection Services for the World Trade Center Recovery Mission for the Federal Emergency Management agency (FEMA). Mr. Byrnes’ responsibilities included supplying, training and supervising 10 Bomb Dogs Teams throughout New York City. During this time our dogs protected Governors, Cabinet members, World leaders and dignitaries, celebrities, the director of FEMA, the director of the FBI and former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani just to name a few.

On September 11, 2011 Chris was honored for his work at the World Trade Center Recovery Mission along side Ret. Detective Richard Lewis, the only living two time recipient of the NYPD’s Medal of Honor.

As Professional Dog Trainers, we have trained pets for professional athletes, CEOs of fortune 100 companies and celebrities. Our Professional staff has trained thousands of man’s best friend in the past 25 years and now we hope to have the opportunity to train yours.

Dogs Unlimited founder Chris Byrne with K-9 Ray protect the Federal offices in NYC during the WTC recovery mission.
Chris Byrne and K-9 Ray with some of New York’s finest during the WTC recovery mission.
K-9 Bengo and his handler search the observation deck (86th floor) of the Empire State Building. The Twin Towers can be seen in the distance. June 2001