Passive Dominance Dog Training

The following exercises, when followed correctly will establish your dominance over your dog in a non-physical way.  Your dog should feel that he/she has no power over you and must rely on you for all their basic physical and psychological needs. Dogs that understand their place within the family unit display far less behavioral problems and live happier lives.  These exercises will reduce anxiety, dominance and aggression problems while maintaining better obedience control in trained dogs.  These simple techniques communicate to your dog that you are in charge.

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Dog Training- A Must For Every Dog

I am often asked by clients why it is that dogs today have so many behavioral problems. As a child, it seemed that Dog Training was a service reserved for the wealthy estate owners of the northeast.  Today it is a necessity for all dog owners regardless of financial status.  I have contemplated that question since it first came to mind in the infancy of my career.

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